Buying essentials when considering a telco multi-channel commerce solution Intelligence surveyed a group of industry professionals, mostly employed by service providers from around the world. The aim was to capture the industry’s key requirements for deploying a multi-channel commerce solution.

The areas covered in the survey looked at critical features and functionality of a multi-channel commerce solution as well as the interface points where such a system interacts with existing back office systems.

This document, produced by in conjunction with hybris software discusses key finding of the survey:

  • Today’s service providers are looking to drive multiple ‘go to market’ models from a single commerce platform.
  • Automatic and dynamic bundling capabilities are much sought after.
  • Integration between multiple back office systems is often lacking.
  • Self-service is becoming essential.
  • Service providers are seeking more touch points during the customer lifecycle.
  • A good customer experience is more about business culture than technology, but the right technology is essential to facilitate this.

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