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China Mobile (Chengdu) Adopts Huawei BusinessPON Solution to Upgrade Private Line Services, Greatly Improving User Experience

Recently, China Mobile (Chengdu) adopted the Huawei BusinessPON solution to deploy gigabit Internet private lines for more than 50 small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Chengdu Jiaozi FinTech Center, significantly improving user experience and satisfaction.

The Jiaozi FinTech Center has about 150 innovative enterprises in fields such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Currently, the network services are poor in experience and cannot meet enterprise digitization requirements. To improve user experience, China Mobile (Chengdu) carried out joint innovation with Huawei, and adopted the Huawei BusinessPON solution to upgrade private lines for business buildings in the Jiaozi FinTech Center and provide premium gigabit private line experience for enterprises using the PON technology.

  • On the terminal side, gigabit enterprise gateways replace normal home ONTs. One device fulfills multiple service requirements, such as voice, Internet access, cloud VPN, Wi-Fi coverage, and perfectly solves problems of ONT suspension and packet loss.
  • On the CO side, independent MA5800 OLTs are configured with dedicated 10G PON boards, and enterprise private lines are isolated from home broadband services to safeguard the bandwidth of enterprise private lines.
  • On the ODN network, the split ratio is 1:32 (or 1:16) to reduce optical power loss and improve network stability.

A follow-up survey shows no disconnection or frame freezing occurs after the upgrade, and user experience and satisfaction are greatly improved.

  • A high-tech startup company of 10 employees focuses on AI and machine learning. Before upgrading the private line, the network would frequently disconnect (once to three times a week), had a rate of only 20–30 Mbps, and could not well support video surveillance services. After the upgrade, the Internet access speed now exceeds 200 Mbps, and the video surveillance service switches on immediately. The network service experience is much better.
  • A software company of around 20 employees relies on big data and cloud computing to develop payment software for banks. Previously, sending and receiving emails were slow, code sometimes failed to be uploaded to the cloud server, and it took several minutes to log in to the product demonstration page. All in all, the overall network experience was poor. After the upgrade, login to the product demonstration page takes only 1 second, and everything turns on immediately. Video conference also becomes smooth, improving the office work efficiency.

Digital transformation has become a common requirement of various industries. SMEs, which are most vibrant in innovations, are in urgent need of high-quality one-stop cloud private lines. They value the actual service experience, and require private lines that support high concurrent access by multiple employees, with guaranteed bandwidth, flexible and secure cloud access, as well as agile O&M. In the joint innovation carried out by China Mobile (Chengdu) and Huawei, the Huawei BusinessPON solution significantly improves the enterprise private line quality.

Many SMEs are not only technologically innovative, but also play a critical role in providing jobs and promoting economic growth. Enterprise private lines for business buildings are typical application scenarios of F5G. Huawei adheres to the principle of customer requirements first, and will continuously upgrade the BusinessPON solution to help operators build differentiated new private lines, provide ultimate gigabit experience to customers, and enable digital transformation for SMEs.

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