Cisco open network architecture

As people, processes, data and things increasingly interconnect, rapid change is happening across the service provider landscape. It’s inspiring new business models and disrupting established industries, creating a new world of opportunity for service providers estimated at US$1.7 trillion in the next decade.

To succeed in this new world, you must be open, agile and fast – or risk being left behind. The Cisco open network architecture for service providers supports the software-driven applications, cloud capabilities and business models that help you seize opportunities and get ahead.

Read this white paper now to understand how to develop an open, flexible and cost effective architecture to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Discover how to:

  • Capitalise on new business models and network monetisation opportunities.
  • Extend virtual network functions (VNFs) across all technology domains to reduce hardware costs.
  • Improve operational efficiency through programmability and virtualisation.
  • Dynamically turn services up or down in minutes instead of months.
  • Reduce system integration and operations costs.
  • Enhance agility with open, modular multivendor solutions.

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