Cross-spectrum Protection | A Whitepaper for Network Operators

The rise of the Internet of Things means that the majority of people (83%) use their mobile devices to go online. 89% of these users connect to the internet via a mobile device every day. However, their security is severely lacking in almost all aspects.

As advanced as their connectivity is, mobile users rarely know how to ensure their device safety. 28% of users do not even use a screen lock, and nearly half – 40% – only update their OS when it’s convenient. When it comes to more complicated security measures, mobile devices are ultimately forgotten.

While devices that are mostly used at home may be better protected by their internet service providers (ISPs) or security vendors, mobile users take advantage of public wifi that is available freely almost anywhere. This is a severe security issue.

CUJO AI offers Network Operators cross-spectrum protection for Local Area Networks (LAN) and wireless communications (mobile networks and public WiFi).

Read more about the solution in the white paper “Cross-spectrum Protection”.

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