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Data Revelations: Nominum Data Science Security Report

The new era of cyber threats is a growing concern for most service providers especially since October 21st 2016, when a massive DDoS attack took down many popular web domains including Netflix and Twitter. We were quickly reminded how important DNS security is to every organization.

This inaugural security report from Nominum Data Science comes from the frontlines of the war against cybercrime, examining the most prevalent and effective malware in today’s threat landscape—including DDoS, DNS amplification and pseudo-random subdomain (PRSD) attacks. Nominum Data Science reveals the methods and mechanics behind emerging and pervasive threats, such as Locky, Necurs and Ghost Push. The team analyzes over 100 billion DNS queries every day and employs advanced techniques, including proprietary algorithms and machine learning, to give you the best insight into today’s dynamic threat landscape.

As the attack, surface expands to include mobile malware and IoT-based attacks, and as cybercriminals improve their techniques and expand their outreach exponentially, organizations need a proactive security solution that stops cyber threats before they cause catastrophic damage.

Read the report to learn:

  • How to thwart the fastest-growing threats, from Locky to Mirai
  • How to secure your network in an environment where an astonishing 3,750,000 suspicious domains are created every day
  • Why there has been a 3x growth in malicious traffic from March to August 2016, and how to prepare for the next hard-to-predict attacks

Click here to read this report.

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