Fighting the threat of SIM boxes to A2P SMS revenues

A2P messaging is a growing source of revenue for operators as businesses seek efficient, effective ways to communicate with current and potential customers. However as operators offer increasingly generous consumer SMS allowances they’re also inadvertently creating opportunities for third parties to capitalise on this trend by fraudulently reselling these consumer SMSs to A2P customers.

A key mechanism for this kind of fraud uses SIM boxes – devices that allow multiple SIM cards to be controlled simultaneously – to exploit consumer tariffs for business use. Only through effective detection and prevention of this mechanism can operators protect themselves from this kind of activity and protect their A2P SMS revenues.

This Intelligence whitepaper, written in partnership with Anam Technologies, will examine the A2P SMS industry and drill down into the nature of the SIM box fraud threat. Finally it will explore the measures operators can put in place to protect their A2P SMS revenues against SIM-box grey-routes.

Click here to read this whitepaper.

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