intelligence Intelligence Future of Mobile Networks Outlook 2015

The mobile network will undoubtedly be at the very core of the society of the future. While excitement builds around the development of 5G and vendors jostle for position, shorter term evolutions in mobile technology will see roll-outs of high definition voice calling with VoLTE, and the richer application use-case the next generation voice technology will bring with it.

Meanwhile, IoT is putting more pressure on the network for reliability and evolving assurance techniques are in demand to guarantee QoS in a new technological paradigm; and as ever, the information security landscape continues to threaten operators’ livelihoods.

This special report from Intelligence will analyse responses from more than 400 professionals from across the telecoms industry, and focus on four of the key pillars associated with the mobile network of the future; 5G, VoLTE, Network Assurance and Information Security.

Download this report to:

  • Understand evolving attitudes towards IP security, including IPv6 and DDoS attack mitigation
  • Learn key use-case scenarios and areas of focus for the development of 5G
  • Gain insight into how NFV and new automation techniques are helping to assure the network
  • Hear operator attitudes on developing high definition, VoLTE calling technologies

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