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Gaining a competitive edge with Huawei’s ultimate 5G user experience solution

Customer experience has become one of the most important success factors for mobile operators. Huawei’s General Manager of Network Performance Management, Jingang Gao, explains that Huawei’s advanced network performance and its FHD video experience ensure a competitive edge for its operator customers


Customer experience is increasingly driving revenue and profitability for mobile service providers.

The ability to provide rich, personalized services is a critical competitive edge.  As McKinsey management consultants have put it, customer experience (CX) is emerging as the primary competitive differentiator.

An operator’s ability to deliver CX depends just as much on its insights into its network as it does on the capabilities of the network itself.

“Huawei is very strongly focused on the user experience,” said Mr Gao, Huawei’s General Manager of Network Performance Management, “Our grand vision is to help our operator customers build ultimate performance networks that can drive their business success.”

True FHD video

One significant illustration of this is in video streaming, one of the fastest-growing 5G services.

The transition from 4G to 5G has promised significant improvements for video, but there is still a long way to go before customers can truly enjoy anywhere, anytime full high definition (FHD) video.

One of the main challenges is ensuring that network quality meets the high QoS requirements of video streaming. Even slight degradations in network coverage, capacity or latency can have a significant impact on the user experience.

Moreover, network operators need to consider all scenarios where customers watch video content. It could be on public transport, in a sporting stadium, in a shopping mall or at home.

To support these different usage scenarios, operators need panoramic insights into the network and the ability to carry out proactive performance management across the entire network.

By addressing these challenges, operators can offer their customers a rich mobile video experience while also reaping the benefits of higher traffic throughput and revenue. Using anytime, anywhere FHD video experience as a standard on which to plan, build, and optimize the network is a win-win solution.

Ultimate Network performance

Huawei also believes that while 5G offers significant improvements over 4G,

achieving the ultimate customer experience in video streaming requires careful network planning and optimization.

In pursuit of excellent CX, Huawei networks have achieved performance levels that have consistently surpassed those of other equipment suppliers.

Huawei’s solutions are rated first in the market in network quality, with a leading position in 90% of all countries.

This is demonstrated by the performance benchmark tests conducted by 3rd party company U, company S and company O, where its Huawei-supplied network has continually placed first.

In Europe a Huawei operator customer won the TOP1 title in a benchmark test every year for five years. Its robust network supported a 100% increase in 5G user penetration in one year and is now the market leader.

In Latin America Huawei helped a customer with Facebook optimization, enabling a 10% increase in speed and 10% decrease in latency.

In China, Huawei’s advanced network enabled a customer to grow 5G traffic by 40% and the 5G camping ratio by 80%.

Such achievements are made possible through Huawei’s advanced technologies, precise network planning and scenario-based optimization.

In 2023 the company’s primary focus will be on enhancing 5G network planning and optimization through a combination of new algorithms, an innovative OTT solution and the introduction of 5.5G.

Innovative AI

Huawei will also continue to deploy AI in innovative and powerful ways.

The vendor has made significant investments in applying AI in its network planning and optimization, with more than 50 AI models and algorithms already integrated into the network assistant analysis platform.

This enables near real-time issue identification and better than 90% accuracy in scenario identification.

The introduction of Huawei’s new Simulated Reality of Communication Networks (SRCON) algorithm provides channel-level simulation and optimization, resulting in a 30% increase in precision.

However, AI still has limitations. While it excels at handling tasks with high certainty, network performance management (NPM) entails dealing with a level of uncertainty due to unpredictable user behavior.

Therefore, the involvement of human experts is always necessary to effectively address performance issues and ensure network stability.

With more than 25 years of experience, Huawei has been continuously exploring the optimal integration of expert knowledge and AI models. Over the past decade, Huawei’s NPM services with AI assistance have garnered widespread acclaim in Spain, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Huawei’s track record demonstrates that its combination of professional expertise and an AI assistant platform delivers the best NPM services.

Social responsibility

But it also believes that while business success is important, social responsibility is just as important.

Huawei’s commitment to sustainability and to communities around the world is detailed in its annual CSR reports.

But its philosophy is that it is committed to supporting customers and local communities in every market in which it operates.

This was demonstrated in the wake of the earthquake that struck Turkey in February 2023. Huawei staff worked around the clock to identify network outages and restore service as quickly as possible to support search and rescue efforts and help save lives.

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