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GE Satcom Announces Name Change to Signalhorn


GE Satcom Announces Name Change to Signalhorn

Stuttgart, Germany – 23 February 2012: The recently acquired GE Satcom announces today that the company has formally changed its name to Signalhorn.

The change of ownership took place February 2, 2012 and includes the entire GE Satcom or Satlynx group of
companies located in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and other key locations.

The rebranding to Signalhorn marks a significant event in the forty year history of the organisation and therefore justifies a powerful and substantial brand identity to carry it forward into many more decades of superior service delivery.

Adjacent to one of our state-of-the-art teleport and technical centres in Leuk, Switzerland, stands a prevailing, trusted navigation point – Signalhorn Mountain. Like the mountain, Signalhorn represents empowerment, solidarity, and dominance: all built on a foundation around Trusted Networks.

“Our customers will benefit from an unparalleled combination of solutions, professional services, and expertise
that highlight our existing and growing resources,” states Robert Kubbernus, President & CEO. “We are bringing together our resources to focus on a new future under a new brand. With a unique blend of knowledge, innovation, platforms, and infrastructure, we are confident that our networks remain second-to-none.”

Signalhorn is a multi-discipline communications expert group dedicated to delivering sophisticated network
services, depth of expertise, and unmatched customer commitment to Government, Defence, Enterprise,
Maritime, and Oil & Gas industries. It encompasses essential capabilities and resources to provide robust
communications solutions: Satellite, Terrestrial, 3G, 4G, and WIFI.

Signalhorn caters to customers’ highest demands for connectivity regardless of geographic location. Whether on land, at sea, or in the air, solutions are designed to converge technology platforms and seamlessly provide the most robust and reliable communications networks.

“We look to the future with great optimism and continue to be active in developing solutions that meet and
exceed our customers’ communication requirements worldwide,” concludes Kubbernus.

About Signalhorn
Signalhorn delivers trusted and fully managed end-to-end communication solutions to Government, Defence,
Enterprise, Maritime, and Oil & Gas customers that require mobility, security, and, above all, reliability. With
over three hundred global customers and over 10,000 remote sites being served in approximately 130 countries, Signalhorn will continue to expand its services offered and the quality of its service.

For further information, please contact:
Julia Sarkiaho | Marketing Manager | T +49 (0) 7191 971 126
[email protected] |

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