How telcos can create value with multi-faceted automation

Telecom operators are striving for growth, which could materialise in growing top line as well as improving efficiency. Automation is at the centre of these efforts if they are to succeed. With the right data and the right tools, automation can go far beyond network operation to help shore up telco performance in multiple dimensions, including error prevention, data-based decision making, improved customer service and customer experience, and uncovering new business opportunities.

This Intelligence whitepaper, sponsored by Subtonomy, addresses the most pertinent topics related to the critical role that automation in data analytics and intelligence generation can play to enable superior customer experience in both B2B and B2C contexts. Specifically this whitepaper discusses, among other topics:

  • How to add value by integrating data from different internal and external sources
  • How to create value with multi-faceted automation of data analytics and intelligence sharing
  • How to improve efficiency and customer loyalty by enhancing self-service and technical support capabilities

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