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How to Create New Revenue Streams with Location Intelligence data

Knowing the location of subscribers and what they are doing with their devices is of great importance to mobile operators. This information is critical for managing and optimizing networks, but has even more value in the additional revenue it can provide as operators bridge the gap between the digital and physical lives of subscribers for third parties. Third parties could include any business that has a need for the movement patterns of subscribers, such as banks trying to assess the best location for a new ATM machine, retailers trying to attract potential customers in an area, or governments trying to enhance public transportation options, among others.

Mobile networks hold a tremendous amount of data on where people go throughout their day, which applications they use, and the topics that matter most to those people at any given time. Until now, this data was unused as there was too much of it to mine to get to the valuable information. That has all changed with platforms that can take that raw data and find the knowledge needed to turn it into a valuable commodity. This knowledge, called location intelligence, will become the driving force of revenue for mobile operators in the years to come.

Read this white paper and you will learn:
•  How to generate more ad revenue by combining venues with user location data
•  How to better identify operational bottlenecks
•  How location intelligence can be used with machine to machine comms to improve autonomous cars
•  How public safety can be enhanced by geolocation information & how governments might pay for these types of services

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