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Huawei European Innovation Day 2020 reaffirms cooperation as a driving force behind integration of innovative economies, societies and individuals

How can Europe remain at the forefront of innovation in the world? How can we unlock the opportunities that are attracting talents and driving innovation in Poland and Central East Europe? This was discussed by the participants of the 8th edition of Huawei European Innovation Day in Warsaw, which was officially opened by Ms. Catherine Chen, Huawei Corporate Senior Vice President and Director of the Board.

[Warsaw, Poland, November 6, 2020] During its annual European Innovation Day, Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, explored how new partnerships and collaboration can build a better future for the new technology industry and thus – a more inclusive society.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the event was held online under the theme “Together, We Innovate for Future” and brought together an impressive mix of education and innovation stakeholders from across Poland and Central Eastern Europe, including representatives from universities, research institutes, KOL, and the start-up community.

Huawei Innovation Day incorporated several bespoke sessions: a two-day session on innovation ecosystem from the perspective of business, policy, public institutions, education and science titled “Talent Strategy for the Next Decade”, a startup session under the theme “Being an Innovative Startup”, and an “Empowering Women” session, which focused on equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion policy in the technology sector.

The two-day event highlighted, inter alia, new partnerships and how technological innovations can support young people to develop best talents, strengthen the position of start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs, and help us meet such challenges as, for example, the issue of gender inequality in organizations.

“We need to build an ecosystem to train talent that is based on open collaboration and sharing around the world. Talent and ideas both spring forth from meetings of the minds. The sparks generated during these exchanges of idea will benefit all of humanity, regardless of whose name is on them,” said Ms. Catherine Chen, Huawei Corporate Senior Vice President and Director of the Board in her opening speech.

The event also marked 20th anniversary of Huawei in Europe and its long-standing commitment to the digital development of the continent as part of our ‘In Europe for Europe’ strategy.

“For the past 20 years together with our European partners, we have been developing talents in the ICT industry, supporting education in the field of digital skills through initiatives such as Seeds for the Future, certification programs, ICT Academy and Smart Bus,” noted Marco Xu, Senior Director of Public Affairs and Communications, CEE & Nordic region, Huawei.

Michał Boni, Member of EU Parliament and the Former Minister of Digitalization of Poland shared his thoughts on Global and European Digital Challenges:

“Who can make the (talent) strategy? Who should be responsible for this strategy? Of course public authorities and public institutions should be involved and play the significant role. But on the other hand, business can play very important complementary role, creating the leadership and supporting the future leaders and talented people.”

Carlos Pons, the Founder and President of the European Digital Society, shared his insights about the good leadership, emphasizing the importance of the customer-centricity:

“It’s very important that the founder understands that they are doing something for someone, and that that someone needs to be a part of the process of creation of the solution.” He concluded his speech by saying: “The future of business will be ethical, inclusive and sustainable, or it won’t be.”

Concluding the event, Radoslaw Kedzia, VP CEE & Nordic Region at Huawei emphasized the importance of innovation and talent to the development of the society:

“The pandemic has accelerated digital and intelligent transformation and reminded us that we’re in urgent need of innovation and cooperation to ensure the effect technology has on society and individuals is positive, balanced, and inclusive. Innovation requires talent, and is driven by talent.”

The next edition of the European Innovation Day will be held in Munich December 3rd.

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