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Huawei LTE, Now and for the future

Huawei LTE: Now and for the Future

Huawei has deployed nearly 50% of all commercial LTE networks worldwide and the future of mobile broadband is “No-Edge Networks,” according to an interview the company gave to Telecoms during the 2012 LTE World Summit in Barcelona.

Ying Weimin, Huawei President for GSM&UMTS<E networks, cited a GSA report released in May 2012 (“Evolution to LTE”) that states of the 72 commercial LTE networks that have been launched globally, Huawei deployed 34 of them—more than any other vendor.

Since the advent of LTE, Huawei has set a number of industry milestones:

• In 2009, Huawei and TeliaSonera launched the world’s first commercial LTE network in Norway.
• In 2010, Huawei and Vodafone launched the world’s first commercial 800MHz network in Germany, demonstrating the excellent performance of LTE to narrow the digital divide.
• In 2011, Huawei and SoftBank built the world’s largest LTE TDD commercial network in Japan.
• In 2012, Huawei worked with Bell and TELUS to build the mobile broadband network with unparallel user experience.

As mobile broadband develops, operators will focus more and more on user experience. To ensure seamless user experience, Huawei announced the concept of “No-Edge Networks.” The core idea behind “No-Edge Networks” is the utilization of various LTE, LTE-Advanced and future innovative technologies (e.g. CoMP, Adaptive ICIC, AR, IRC, Turbo Equalizer) to realize ultra broadband, zero waiting, and ubiquitous connectivity. This brings users the benefits of speed, quality, simplicity, freedom and sharing.

At the 2012LTE World Summit, Huawei won an award for “Most Significant Development for Commercial LTE Networks by a Vendor,” demonstrating industry recognition of Huawei’s leading status in the LTE industry as well as its continued contributions to the development of LTE commercialization.

In 2012, LTE is set to develop at unprecedented rate. Huawei is dedicated to partnering with industry peers to promote LTE. By helping operators build efficient, sustainable and profitable mobile broadband networks, the company aims to open up highly potential markets for operators and bring users excellent service experience.

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