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Huawei Unveils ICT Service and Software Innovations and Practices Aimed at Empowering Industry Digital Intelligence Transformation

At the MWC Shanghai 2023, Huawei unveiled their latest innovations and practices in ICT services and software aimed at empowering industry digital intelligence transformation alongside with global carriers and industrial partners.

Bruce Xun, Vice President of the Global Technical Service Dept at Huawei, emphasized that by innovating ICT service and software solutions, Huawei will continue to work alongside global carriers to build green, efficient, and robust networks that provide the ultimate experience, chart new growth curves, develop intelligent digital talent of the future, and drive industry digital intelligence transformation to create an intelligent world that prioritizes ultimate user experience.

Green & Efficient Integration

Embracing the dual-E (Energy and Experience) concept, Huawei is committed to promoting a low-carbon circular economy with green and low-carbon target networks. Huawei has expanded its site and equipment room modernization offerings for operators’ networks, with the wireless solution now covering all domains including transmission and energy, and equipment room services extended to the entire room.

In the second half of 2022, Huawei initiated a project to reconstruct the sites and equipment rooms of China Mobile Shandong. As of June 2023, the impact of this project has been substantial, with a total energy savings of 10.6+ million kWh and a reduction in carbon emissions of 3720+ tons, which is equivalent to planting about 200,000 trees.

Huawei’s green IT integration service delivers agile, efficient, and low-carbon computing center services, along with full-cycle planning and integration to meet the demanding requirements.

With assembled construction, PUE-oriented design, and intelligent energy-saving optimization, Huawei helped the Shenyang AI Ecosystem Innovation Center increase computing power density 3-4 times within 6 months, achieving a final PUE close to 1.15. 

O&M to Manage Complexity

Huawei’s enhanced ICT service package offers upgraded operations and maintenance solutions to help customers manage the growing complexity of networks and services, which is especially important for complex enterprise services. The AUTIN Solution is designed to help carriers realize service-oriented O&M transformation in line with the zero “interventions”, zero service impact, and zero code development.

With AUTIN deployed, China Mobile Tianjin has been able to provide SLA assurance for private network customers and significantly improve its customer satisfaction rating, placing it in the top 10 in the China Mobile Group. AUTIN’s fault diagnosis reduces the time taken to complete fault diagnosis from hours to minutes, resulting in a 15% improvement in service availability.

Additionally, AUTIN proactively monitors service quality across multiple vendor equipment, identifies network risks 2 to 12 hours in advance. Thanks to its intelligent O&M capabilities, AUTIN has been deployed in over 170 networks worldwide.

Huawei’s O&M approach is grounded in worldwide collaboration. It has forged a close partnership with the major industry organization TM Forum to drive the development of intelligent O&M. In September 2023, Huawei and TM Forum intend to release a white paper on ‘New-Generation Intelligent O&M’, aimed at building industry consensus and accelerating the adoption of best practices.

Ultimate Experience

To achieve business growth, it is crucial to prioritize both performance and user experience. Huawei played a pivotal role in helping China Mobile Shanghai overcome various challenges by introducing innovative solutions that established a leading service-oriented network.

One of the key solutions is the Huawei Smart Decision, which facilitates collaboration between the network and marketing departments. This service maximizes the value of technology investments, such as promoting 700MHz terminals and VoNR.

Additionally, Huawei’s leading planning and optimization capabilities, including dual-layer beam adjustment, SRCON radio channel simulation, and precise user segmentation, continuously enhance network performance. These capabilities enable Shanghai Mobile to achieve precise 2nd carrier deployment and scenario-oriented performance improvements.

Shanghai Mobile witnessed a significant increase in 5G user penetration, 5G traffic capacity, and traffic ratio. The company ranked No.1 in the MIIT benchmark and achieved an 8% service revenue growth.

Digital Services

Huawei is at the forefront of driving the new growth wave in digital business for operators. As a leading contributor to 3GPP 5G billing standards, Huawei’s Convergent Billing Systems (CBS) provides operators with a full-cloud intelligent convergent billing system that supports all-in-one convergence and boasts an impressive reliability rate. The latest version of CBS enabled Thailand operator A to get online the 5G SA within 4 months, and to launch its new offering in three days, demonstrating the system’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Huawei Mobile Money offers an efficient and convenient service for operators and banks, with its ability to scale capacity and its precise risk control and agile cloudification technologies. By 2023H1, Huawei Mobile Money had over 420 million users, cementing its status as a reliable and trusted platform for financial services.

Huawei’s AI Powered Contact Center (AICC) is another innovative solution that provides a new way to transform call centers. With its new capabilities of all channel access, high reliability, huge capacity, and full scenario smart assistant, AICC significantly improves operation efficiency.

With AICC, China Unicom successfully transformed its 31 legacy provincial hotlines to one centralized national hotline, supporting 100 million calls monthly and 420 million users, achieving a 30% cost per call reduction and 16.5% total OPEX savings.

Fostering Digital Talent

Huawei offers a comprehensive talent development solution that focuses on consultation, cultivation, and certification to nurture digital talent. Huawei’s system assesses the maturity of digital talent, identifies areas that require further development, and enables collaboration with customers to design talent development programs. Huawei offers certification in 22 technical fields with the aim of improving individual skills and capabilities.

In 2023, Huawei partnered with Zhejiang Mobile to create the ‘Digital Talent Maturity Model.’ The model has been used to provide digital leadership training to 130+ managers and train 4000+ technical staff.

Bruce Xun reaffirmed Huawei’s commitment to developing cutting-edge ICT services and software solutions through continuous innovation. As a trusted partner, Huawei is committed to working collaboratively with global customers to create an intelligent world that prioritizes ultimate user experience.

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