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Innovation and flexibility in an open design approach to Cloud RAN and access networks

New technology and design approaches to the radio access network (RAN) allow the base station hardware to be decoupled from its software. This decoupling allows the software to be virtualized, meaning that service providers can deploy a cloud-based or virtual (vRAN), as well as consider an open approach to their RAN architecture.

These new approaches promise to yield a number of benefits that include increased flexibility that will drive new economic models. However, certain challenges will need to be overcome including added complexity that comes with the introduction of new technology, and which will mean a culture and skill-set shift within service providers’ organizations.

  • Service provider interest and actual deployment of open vRAN is increasing, primarily in North America and Asia Pacific
  • Cloud-native technologies are seen as key in providing the necessary scalability, flexibility and operational agility for an evolved RAN
  • A cloud-native platform that underpins the RAN will provide consistency, efficiency, and the necessary performance
  • Red Hat can help service providers overcome challenges associated with evolving their RAN with proven reference architectures, consulting services and subscriptions that will maximize their success

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