Innovation in Communications Services: Breaking With the Past Without Waiting for the Future

Service providers today face rising growth expectations along with competing pressures to reduce operating and capital expenditures. This paper examines a cost-effective path toward digital transformation that leverages existing DNS infrastructure. DNS today is moving outside the realm of passive Internet look-up function and into an active, intelligent resource to deliver new, value-added services to subscribers.

The paper outlines the pressures facing providers today such as “cloudified” networks while examining the capabilities of Domain Name System (DNS). The unique gateway position of DNS—as the bridge between subscriber and network—can be leveraged to drive better subscriber experiences and greater loyalty.

Read the paper to learn how DNS can:

  • Be used as a unique messaging channel for enhanced customer communications.
  • Enable subscribers to assign their own filters for Internet content. For example, subscribers can select high, medium or low filtering options for different age ranges in their household
  • Provide in-browser messaging to enhance a provider’s overall communication strategy including messages such as late payment reminders, upsell service videos and data usage limits.

Several case studies are included such as a European carrier that used in-browser messaging to have customers opt-in or opt-out of a free content filtering and parental controls service that resulted in a 24 percent opt-in rate.

Click here to read this whitepaper.



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