IP Video: The Big Picture

The range of opportunities for consumers to access video content via IP has exploded over the last couple of years. This has been driven on the one hand by growing bandwidth, the proliferation of new IP-enabled devices including tablets, smartphones and Smart TVs. But it has also been enabled by the entry into the market of a whole range of providers of IP video services – including established pay TV operators as well as commercial and public broadcasters and new OTT aggregators.

IP video service providers have objectives that are many and varied. Some would like to extend the reach of existing services or to provide new functionality to their existing subscribers or users, while others are seeking to compete with existing providers by offering a pure-play OTT service. In a business that is still at such an early stage of growth, the range of monetisation models sometimes seems to be as broad as the number of IP video services available.

In December 2012 we carried out a survey of over 200 industry professionals into the experiences of providers and potential providers of IP Video services.

This report presents the results of the survey and builds a picture we’ve built of what is actually happening in the world of video services and you’ll gain an understanding of the range and scope of IP video services and the business models underpinning them.

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