Is your network iPhone 5 ready?

With smartphones becoming ever more feature rich and data-intensive, mobile network operators need to assess whether their network is ‘iPhone 5 ready’. Staying ahead of the next wave of new devices, features, apps and technologies are challenging because innovation doesn’t stay still, traditionally forcing operators to take a reactive approach. However, with a clear understanding of their network readiness, operators can take proactive measures to ensure bandwidth requirements are available and enhance the customer experience, thus minimizing churn rates.

The recently released J.D. Power and Associates’ Wireless Smartphone Customers Satisfaction Study revealed that 67 percent of smartphone users have downloaded social networking applications to their device and spent more than 100 minutes per week using those apps. With this kind of explosion in data demand showing no signs of abating, it begs the questions – is your network iPhone 5 ready?

This whitepaper examines the processes required to successfully prepare your network pre- and post the iPhone 5 launch. It also reviews the elements that should be considered, the tools needed and the impact each will have on your network. A proactive process to ensure network readiness is exactly what is needed to meet your growing network demands and improve your subscribers’ network experience.

Click here to download this whitepaper.

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