M-Spam: From Network Protection to Revenue Assurance

SMS messaging is the most widely used application worldwide for the 5.9 billion mobile subscribers around the world. SMS remains one of the main contributors to the mobile operator’s non-voice revenue stream. However, the mobile industry lost up to $58.4 billion last year due to revenue leakage, which accounted for over 6% of a mobile operator’s total revenues and could grow to 23% by 2016 if not addressed urgently. SMS spam and fraud remain one of the main contributors to this revenue leakage scenario.

With mobile operators under threat from this global phenomenon, it is important for them to understand the differences of SMS spam vs E-mail spam and why short term network protection methods used by mobile operators from legacy vendors today are insufficient to proactively address the threat to network integrity, subscriber churn, legal actions and substantial revenue loss.

This whitepaper will examine why various network solutions and regulatory bodies today have not been effective in helping mobile operators manage this problem and how HAUD Systems could finally be the solution mobile operators are waiting for. Designed with a multi-layered protection system, HAUD is able to provide MNOs with a non-intrusive software solution for both network protection and revenue assurance opportunities.

Click here to read this whitepaper.

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