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Make video a success with Fixed Mobile Convergence

The boundaries between TV and mobile media are blurring as consumers increasingly expect ubiquitous video streaming on every device.

While traditional Pay-TV operators, normally they own fixed only network, are focused on expanding their presence, operators are feeling the pressure to provide seamless video services for multi-screen and cross fixed mobile network. The evolution from a fixed broadband network to a fixed mobile convergent network has already started within some operators’ networks. When Operators embrace this model, magic happens in terms of customer retention. Typical operators have churn rates in the range of 2-3%. Operators who offer a fully converged bundle combining Fixed, Mobile and Video see the churn rate drop below 0.5% for these customers. Obviously, if an operator doesn’t do FMC, it will lose market share to others.

So, how can operators take advantage of this growing consumer demand for video services across multiple devices? The answer lies in developing video services for the Fixed Mobile Convergent (FMC) network. Operators who can provide the FMC market with video services will be in a very strong position to succeed with their video business.

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