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Managing Security with an Easy-to-Use App is Key to Success

Today’s homes are beginning to look and operate like homes of the future. Internet connectivity is continuing its expansion, spreading to more household appliances and devices. For service providers who are staying on top of the trends, the IoT is a wave that promises new avenues of opportunity.

Managing security, however, can be complex for consumers, who switch between devices, networks, and associated security applications. For example, one app manages security on-the-go, another offers security when using the service provider’s network, and a third app provides parental controls.

A far less complicated approach is one solution to secure consumers’ digital lives. Consumers simply want to feel protected, wherever they are and whatever device or network they use.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Home visibility benefits users and operators
  • A smooth customer journey for protection on the go
  • Designed with the customer in mind

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