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Mavcap Invests In Aexio

Aexio today announced that Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad (“MAVCAP”), Malaysia’s largest venture capital (VC) firm, has made an investment in Aexio in exchange for preferred stock. As part of this successful deal, Mavcap will join the Aexio Board of Directors, with ownership of approximately 23% of the company’s shares.

“As a key investor in the Malaysian ICT scene, we recognize companies who bring in viable propositions with huge potential to go further. We subscribe to Aexio’s vision and value proposition in empowering the engineers by providing cutting-edge tools for the optimization of wireless networks and also believe that Aexio has demonstrated enough vision and execution ability to be a world renowned industry leader”, said Husni Salleh, Chief Executive Officer of Mavcap.

 “We are honored to be part of Mavcap’s chosen investees. We consider this partnership a strategic alliance that will bring Aexio to greater heights and look forward to a successful venture together,” enthused Andre Sequerah, Managing Director at Aexio.

MAVCAP was incorporated in 2001 by the Malaysian Government and is Malaysia’s largest venture capital (VC) firm which focuses on investments in the local information, communications and technology sector (ICT). MAVCAP was established to realize the Government’s vision to develop the VC industry and encourage entrepreneurship in the technology sector. For more information, please visit

Aexio is an independent cellular software company that specializes in network optimization and operations engineering.  As Asia’s pioneer in parameter management, the company offers automated, intelligent and scalable multi-vendor solutions that help mobile operators around the globe manage the QoS of their complex 2G/2.5G/3G/3.5G networks. Aexio services a global market place with customers spanning the African continent to the Asia Pacific region. For more information about Aexio, visit  

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