MessagePhone: adding value to users & operators in emerging markets

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This white paper examines the MessagePhone and provides an analysis of how the device will be positioned to meet the particular needs of emerging markets. The device is being launched at a time when mobile network operators face new levels of competitive intensity and continue to battle against rising churn rates. Throughout this paper we refer to Africa and Latin America as examples of the MessagePhone’s target markets, although the device would also be appropriate for parts of the Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe regions. 

Low PC penetration across Africa and Latin America means there is a gap in the market from which mobile operators can benefit as mobile internet is poised to become the main internet connection of the future. Given the need to send emails and browse the web is as real in emerging markets as anywhere else in the world, and within the mid-to-low end of the market as much as at the high-end of the market, the addressable market for the MessagePhone is significant.

Not only will the MessagePhone appeal to the affordable aspirations of many customers across Africa and Latin America, but it will also allow the operator to be in control of the identity management of its subscribers, and to act as a value-added provider, thereby increasing the overall value of its service and brand. At a time when mobile network operators are competing with a growing number of other operators for market share as well as facing competition from adjacent players such as Google and Nokia, not to mention fighting for a share of wallet with the FMCG sector, the ability to be seen as a value-added provider is a key benefit for operators.

Click here to download this whitepaper: messagephone-white-paper

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