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Modernizing application infrastructure for 5G

5G is bringing in a new era of telecoms, offering high speeds, low latency, and new application delivery models. But communications service providers (CSPs) must modernize their infrastructure to fully realize 5G’s benefits and keep pace with competitors.
Everything from edge and core networks to operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) is ripe for modernization. Red Hat OpenShift, running on Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and Intel Optane technology, can help CSPs transform their infrastructure with 5G Standalone (5G SA) from the edge to the core.

• 5G is revolutionizing the telecoms industry and CSPs must leverage these benefits
• Everything from the edge and core networks to OSS and BSS is ripe for modernization
• Red Hat and Intel technology can help CSPs modernize infrastructure from the edge to the core

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