Multi Vendor Network Parameter Management

Published by Aexio

Radio Network quality in a cellular network can be used as a barometer to gauge the overall quality of a network. This is in a large part due to the fact that the mobile network’s quality is dominated by a substantial number of environmental factors. By tracking a few key performance indicators (KPIs) in the radio network, call quality and subscribers’ perception of the quality of the network can be monitored. These KPI include, for example, blocked calls, dropped calls, voice quality and throughput.

Radio Network Optimization is geared towards the maximization of call quality in a live mobile network at any given point in time, from the perspective of the radio network. By optimizing the radio network on a daily basis, subscribers can enjoy the best call quality at whatever stage the cellular network is in– whether during expansion or maintenance phases.

Part I of this white paper is a general introduction to the Radio Optimization Process in a generic mobile network Operator. It attempts to describe the Quality Management Process for Radio Optimization departments as a series of overlapping processes which, in concert, aim to maintain and improv Quality of Service for the subscribers from a day-to-day perspective right up to the medium and longer term

Click here to download this whitepaper: aexio-whitepaper-jan-20101

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