Network Exposure: Opening Telecoms up to the API Economy

Man using mobile smartphone network connection at night on city shopping street. World connected and social networking concept.

Network Exposure is relevant to the future of the telecoms industry, according to most survey participants.

As CSPs continue to look for diverse monetisation models, network exposure is argued to have created an opportunity for operator’s network infrastructure to act as a platform asset and improve their return on investments.

Sponsored by Amdocs, this 2023 survey report provides first-hand insights from industry professionals into the current state of network exposure market readiness. It investigates the strategic relevance and key benefits of the technology, while capturing the audiences’ views on planning, deployment concerns, primary go-to-market strategies, and market leadership.

Here are some of the key findings from the survey report:

  • An overwhelming majority of respondents agree that network exposure is at least somewhat important to the future evolution of their business, including two in five stating it is critical and a strategic and immediate priority to them.
  • Service monetisation and use case development are considered the top two benefits of network and API exposure.
  • More than half of respondents state they already have deployed, or will deploy, these capabilities in the near future.
  • While most respondents report having a primary go-to-market strategy for network exposure, their particular strategies vary widely.
  • CSPs, including MNOs, emerge as the organisation type best positioned to drive forward service APIs via network exposure, well ahead of hyperscalers.

You can download the report to find out more and to see the details and analyses behind these headline findings. In addition, we have also included the full survey results in the report as an Appendix, for your easy reference.

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