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New normal. New possible. 5 smart tips to help CSPs thrive in a low touch world

The initial trauma and ripple effects of COVID-19 are altering business and personal lives in dramatic ways around the world.  The telecommunications industry is fortunate to provide a veritable lifeline to business and to people in these difficult times, and the reliance on telecommunications has strained, but not broken, the infrastructure.

However, pundits are speculating now how much of today’s “low-touch” business practices and lifestyles will remain after the crisis is over and what has changed forever.  Considering their conclusions is important for ensuring post-COVID business offerings meet the needs and expectations of customers in the “new normal.”

Nokia surveyed industry experts and in this report details five key tips to help Communications service providers (CSPs) thrive in a low touch world (see insert).

Download this report to learn more about the 5 tips, including examples from CSPs putting these tips into practice already.

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