NFV: Insight from a systems integrator

The fundamental architectural changes introduced by Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) essentially propose the meshing of the telecom and IT functions and a welcome move away from bespoke hardware. Although this development will have a world-changing effect on the telecoms ecosystem and the way network equipment is bought and sold, this effect is secondary to the economic and operational benefits NFV is set to bring.

NFV is capable of reducing operating costs by delivering a simpler, centralised infrastructure and service management capabilities as well as enabling a faster time to market for new, revenue-generating services.

With the non-proprietary ethos at its core, network equipment providers are becoming less and less central to, or even capable of, its deployment. But with many elements still in development and software specialisation at the fore, the migration to NFV is a journey service providers will need to seek help for as a fully virtualized environment is a sizeable task although one that will deliver sizeable rewards.

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