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Open vRAN in prime time pathfinder report

The technologies available in telecommunications have undergone significant transformation in the past decade, particularly in the area of radio access networks (RANs). This shift, along with a maturing vendor ecosystem and increasing competition, has driven many operators to advance RAN transformation efforts.

In search of greater density, infrastructure agility, and operational efficiency, telecom operators are looking beyond new buildouts of “greenfield” networks to upgrades of existing “brownfield” networks.

“Cloudification” and open interfaces further expand opportunities for innovation by broadening RAN implementation options, fueled by greater vendor diversity. Open vRAN approaches can increase deployment flexibility, reduce risk, improve resilience and bolster security.

  • The telecommunications sector has undergone a rapid digital transformation in recent years
  • Increasing numbers of operators are looking to advance their RAN transformation efforts
  • Open vRAN can boost flexibility, reduce risk and strengthen security

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