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Operationally Assure 5G Opportunities with Advanced Testing

We’re about to enter the era of 5G, with blazingly fast speeds, vast coverage density, large area traffic capacity, and super low latency. As we’ve pointed out in companion articles in our series on testing and assurance for 5G, 5G is more than a step up from 4G; it’s a radical leap that will dramatically improve mobile broadband services and empower the Internet of Things (IoT) by enabling connectivity to billions of global devices.

The opportunities generated by 5G touch nearly every aspect of operations: We’ll see new revenue streams, new services and user experiences, new cost savings that reduce both Capex and Opex, introduce new goals, or KPIs. The potential of 5G is immense, with the 5G value chain estimated to be worth $3.5 trillion by 2035 (IHS & Qualcomm). A recent study by Ericsson and the consultancy firm Arthur D. Little found that CSPs could draw an additional 34% revenue from 5G-enabled market opportunities by 2026. Because Spirent has been early out of the gate with test and assurance solutions for 5G technologies, we understand the challenges of operationally assuring that 5G delivers on its potential.

This paper from Spirent will examine the changes that are coming in each of these business aspects and suggest testing solutions that service providers and enterprises can access right now to align their operations for success in the 5G operational environment.

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