OTA Updating Simplified – Using SaaS to Update Android Devices

Ensuring that smartphones and tablets can be updated is one of the most important features of mobile devices today because successful updates directly correlate with the daily performance of the device and positive user experience.

As Android becomes more and more popular and the preferred OS choice for many other non-mobile devices, like smart watches, ruggedized devices, cameras, TVs and others, having an over-the-air (OTA) update capability has become essential to every new Android manufacturer. In the words of Internet blogger Jerry Hildenbrand, “Nothing pleases Android fans more than a notice that they have an update.”This Red Bend Software whitepaper is intended for Android device manufacturers interested in offering an OTA software updating service to continually delight customers with the latest features and performance improvements. It describes the importance of delivering software updates and explains how it has become an integral part of a manufacturer’s go-to-market strategy. The paper discusses the technology, expertise and service infrastructure needed to ensure reliable and efficient software updates to devices used both by consumers and enterprises. By reading this white paper, Android OEMs will learn how to easily offer an OTA software updating service and gain a competitive edge in the crowded consumer electronics market.

Click here to read this whitepaper.

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