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Overcoming T&M, Assurance Challenges in 5G Networks

For all of the benefits that 5G promises, operators are faced with a stark reality: 5G networks introduce challenges not experienced with other iterations of cellular technology. Spectrum issues, network densification, network slicing and virtualization are just a few of the complications that 5G operators face as they plan and build networks. As a result, operators need to incorporate assurance and test and measurement of networks now and throughout subsequent stages of 5G deployment.

This white paper will discuss:

  • The extensive differences in how 5G networks are designed, as well as the types of applications and services that are slated to run across those networks
  • The ways in which the application of assurance, test and measurement differ from network buildouts of the past and how such solutions can benefit operators as they deploy 5G
  • Examine important areas of focus and possible methodologies for 5G test, including 5G NR, Massive MIMO, beamforming, mmWave and multi-access edge computing
  • The impact of virtualization on 5G buildouts, including virtualization of radio, core, Control & User Plane Separation (CUPS) and network slicing
  • How automation will impact 5G buildouts, with a focus on service agility, DevOps, service assurance, service orchestration and analytics
  • How assurance, test and measurement can be utilized to generate revenue and create new services on 5G networks


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