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MediaTek MiraVision™ Picture Quality Enhancement Technology for Displays

Screen resolution and pixel density used to be considered the main drivers of picture quality. Today, signal processing plays a growing role in delivering greater visual experiences.

As a leader in integrated circuits’ design including smartphone SOCs, MediaTek presents the impact of its MiraVision™ enhancement solution for mobile displays through this new whitepaper.

See the difference for yourself through a series of comparison images, learn about the technology behind MediaTek MiraVision™ and understand how it compares to other solutions.

Discover how this algorithm-based solution makes the difference:

• Improvements to colours, contrast, brightness and sharpness
• Frame-rate up-conversion with MediaTek ClearMotion™
• Noise reduction, de-interlacing, Y/C separation and more
• Blue light management and energy reduction for visual health
• Dynamic range remastering supporting HDR10…

Click here to read this whitepaper.


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