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Planning today for the networks – and revenue opportunities – of tomorrow

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How well operators plan their 5G network rollouts today has a direct impact on profitability in the future, and yet revenue increasingly comes from new, often untested services and business models. There’s no room for waste; the increasing configurability and density of modern networks means that CAPEX allocation must be highly precise, based on accurate predictions of business outcomes like revenue and QoE, and with a level of granularity from the national and regional map view right down to the cell level.

With the business side of a CSP just as invested in the success of network planning as the technical side, a new agile way of working is needed, combining traditionally separate disciplines.

In this whitepaper Infovista explores why senior stakeholders – including the CTO and CMO organizations – need predictive accuracy of how their network plans will deliver against business KPIs, including TCO, additional revenue, churn and ROI.

The whitepaper will explain how, as 5G rolls out, operators can apportion costs with more precision, based on their network’s needs and revenue by marrying together network planning and business outcomes – and then acting on the information.

In this white paper Infovista discusses how it can break down silos and integrate processes to plan and deploy a 5G network that delivers maximum ROI with Smart CAPEX, covering topics such as:

  • The legacy of siloed processes
  • Putting business outcomes at the heart of RF planning
  • Modelling future revenue potential
  • Mapping a profitable multi-vendor network
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