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Prepare your technicians for the next generation

5G is the next evolution in global communications. It will impact consumers providing faster connections than ever before, but it will also transform the way healthcare, automotive, leisure and other industries operate. VIAVI has been a driving force in 5G since 2013 and are more than aware of its complexities. With this in mind, we have developed the 5G Bootcamp Video Series to help your wireless and fiber techs prepare for this exciting innovation.

Join our 5G Bootcamp Video Series for FREE immediate access short, informative episodes covering everything telecoms technicians need to be prepared for the next generation.

Topics include:
• The Big Opportunity for Contractors & Field Technicians
• What Impact 5G Will Have on Everyday Life
• The Importance of Testing 5G Cabling & Connections
• How 5G Fits In with Other Technologies
• The 5G Standards You Need to Know About
• ….and more!

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Make sure your teams understand the testing complexity from day one, so your techs can get the job done right first time.