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Reaping the full potential of 5G

Open, virtualized and cloud RAN are all examples of how edge computing can extend the efficiency and flexibility of a cloud-native approach to the RAN. Within this report, you will read how the industry views vendor diversification, ease of introducing new innovative solutions, and cost efficiency as the main benefits for telcos deploying Open RAN.

Utilizing open source software and having a common and cloud-native application that is validated to work with different vendors is key in ensuring interoperability and freedom of choice.

  • Telcos are deploying edge computing as their radio access networks (RANs) evolve with disaggregated functions on a general purpose or shared infrastructure
  • More than half of the respondents consider open-source software as very important or critical for 5G networks
  • A common and cloud-native application platform will sustain and grow their use of hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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