Tackling the growing threat of DDoS in telecoms

In a digital age, for which telecoms service providers are the life-blood, modern consumers are perennially connected to internet services of one form or another. Be it online or mobile banking, video-on-demand, social media, music streaming services or live news aggregators; large enterprise organisations and telecoms companies are under pressure like never before to maintain a 24 hour a day service availability.

One of the primary forms of cyber-attacks being faced by operators and enterprises comes in the form of DDoS – distributed denial of service; brute force attacks which jam the network full of spoofed IP traffic, potentially grinding online services to a halt.

This Intelligence whitepaper, in association with Corero Network Security, investigates the evolution of DDoS, and will:

  • Discuss how DDoS attacks are a constantly evolving threat to telecoms operators
  • Illustrate case-studies of successful attacks on large enterprise organisations
  • Introduce new automated, scalable and intelligence DDoS mitigation techniques
  • Explain how operators can monetise DDoS mitigation managed services with enterprise clients

Click here to read this whitepaper.


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