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Technology Visionary George Gilder Invests in ASOCS

George Gilder, one of the world’s leading technology visionaries, has taken an equity position in ASOCS, significantly adding to the company’s momentum as it heads into its upcoming financial round

Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel February 8, 2011. ASOCS, the leading developer of wireless MultiComms® processors and system solutions for handheld devices, announced today that Gilder Cremers Fund L.P., an investment vehicle controlled by world-renowned technology visionary George Gilder, has recently closed a convertible financing round in ASOCS Ltd.

ASOCS has pioneered software-defined radio as a battlefield baseband technology—for the RF jungles of electronic warfare and jamming radar,” says George Gilder. “Now that the protocol jungles are moving to the big city battlegrounds of mobile wireless cellular communications, ASOCS has adapted its tools for the cheap and agile functions and runaway markets of iPads, teleputers, smartphones, and a mobile menagerie of new networked devices.

I truly see this investment and endorsement by George Gilder as one of the most significant milestones in ASOCS history since its inception in 2003” said Gilad Garon, Co-Founder and CEO of ASOCS. “George has been spot on in recognizing technology trends and winners in the wireless space, most notably, in our domain, the emergence of CDMA and Qualcomm as industry leaders”, “His recognition of ASOCS as a leading technology in SDR and Multi Communication not only fills the entire ASOCS team with pride, but will help ASOCS in its drive for industry recognition.”

Concluded Mr. Gilder, “Once again, ASOCS remains in the lead with unique algorithms that adapt a unified silicon platform to multifarious mobile protocols and frequencies.”

The ASOCS MP100 MultiComms® processor introduces a revolutionary approach to wireless communication—a single chip running multiple software-reconfigurable modems concurrently providing low latency air-interface switching, minimal power consumption, and enabling user-transparent access to the internet.


Founded in 2003, ASOCS develops and markets MultiComms® processors designed to enable seamless connectivity over diverse air interface networks. ASOCS’ Modem® is a unique solution based on patented algorithm technology and flexible software-based modems. It ensures low power consumption and effectively runs multiple-communication standards concurrently. ASOCS has partnered with leading chip makers, as well as hardware, software, and module developers to provide mobile consumer electronics vendors with a complete MultiComms® SoC solution.

About  George Gilder

Mr. Gilder is Senior Founding Member of Gilder Mobile Internet Fund and the Managing Member of Gilder Cremers Fund. A Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute where he directs Discovery’s program on high technology and public policy, he is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Gilder Technology Report (published by Forbes Inc., 1996–2007). Born in 1939 in New York City, Mr. Gilder attended Exeter Academy and Harvard University. His 1981 bestseller Wealth and Poverty advanced a practical and moral case for capitalism during the early months of the Reagan Administration. In 1986, President Reagan gave George Gilder the White House Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence. Four years later, Mr. Gilder published Microcosm, his acclaimed history and prophecy of microchips. His latest book, the influential Israel Test, last year introduced Gilad Garon and ASOCS to Gilder’s readers. He is also a contributing writer at Wired and Forbes and a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

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