intelligence Annual Industry Survey 2019

As we move towards the end of another eventful year, has once again conducted its Annual Industry Survey, inviting fellow telecoms professionals to look back on 2019, and look ahead towards 2020 and beyond. In this report, we share with you the key findings of the survey as well as our analysis of them, with topics including industry update, 5G, digital transformation, IoT, and OSS/BSS.

Here are a few highlights from the findings:
• Over half of the respondents think 2019 has been good, and three quarters believe 2020 will be better
• 5G, IoT, Cloud are among the priority investment areas
• Although 5G will keep rolling out aggressively in different parts of the world, 88% of respondents believe the industry should continue investing in 4G
• A budget alone will not guarantee digital transformation success, but the lack of it can be a deal-breaker
• 81% of respondents see smart cities as the biggest IoT opportunity outside of the home
• 70% of respondents believe BSS should undergo major changes in order to enable custom network services

We hope you enjoy the read.


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  1. Avatar Gary Weiner 05/12/2019 @ 1:16 pm

    When will the Physical Layer Security of the optical fiber be addressed as an addressable enterprise scale vulnerability? If all of the fiber can be tapped, encrypted or not, is that not something that could be afforded some attention? To me, it is like using the same railroad tracks for the slow-moving local trains as the high-speed trains. The single core fiber is a legacy liability, whether the network is laced with encryption and active analytics or not.

    With 5G and beyond, traffic over the fiber infrastructure will become increasingly more vital assets requiring new solutions, new fiber, new optics.

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