intelligence Annual Industry Survey 2020

As we move towards the end of an unprecedented year, we are delighted to share with you the results of our prestigious Annual Industry Survey in this special report.

It is encouraging to see that despite all the adversity, the telecoms industry is still standing tall. Although more than 40% of respondents said their businesses have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, nearly seven out of ten individuals believe the telecoms industry has fared really well. More importantly, over three-quarters of all survey participants had a positive outlook for the industry in 2021.

This year’s survey report begins with our comprehensive sweep of the telecoms landscape, before taking a deep dive into five specific areas affecting telecoms today including; 5G, Broadband, Digital Transformation, Intelligence at the Edge, and Security.

Some of our key findings this year are:

  • 5G tops both industry’s and individual businesses’ investment priority lists
  • Deployment of virtualised 5G core is already underway
  • Reducing total cost of ownership of fibre access deserves the most executive attention
  • Half of all respondents believe data in its own right is already commoditised
  • Half of all respondents believe edge computing should take place at telecom operator network edge
  • Cloud applications and infrastructure are most difficult to defend

In addition, for the first time in this survey’s long history, we have also included the full detailed survey results in the report as an appendix.

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  1. Avatar Alejandro 17/11/2020 @ 2:49 pm

    I wonder why should I comment before reading the report.

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