33 live deployments which prove how NFV has crossed the chasm

Since coming to prominence in 2012, the ways in which operators stand to gain from implementing solutions based around network functions virtualization have been well-publicised. After the initial wave of excitement around NFV subsided and the hard work began on making it a tangible reality, the industry is now at the stage where real use-case scenarios have been tested extensively in a range of proof-of-concept trials and rollouts have begun in a significant number of operator networks.

So what are operators looking to gain from live deployments of virtualized network infrastructure? Have there been any early results to determine the future value of NFV to telecoms companies? Finally, where can NFV go in the future if it achieves its full potential?

This Intelligence whitepaper, in association with Intel, will:

– Explore the 33 live deployments of NFV in 2015
– Advise on the primary areas being targeted for network functions virtualization
– Provide three in-depth case studies and exclusive comment from operators explaining their thoughts behind live NFV

Click here to read this whitepaper.

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