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Telemach’s 5G network ranked among the best in the world

In the recent Opensignal 5G Global awards, Slovenian telecommunications operator is awarded one of the best for 5G Video Experience category.

Telemach’s network was ranked among the best in the world in a recent analysis by Opensignal, the leading global provider of independent insight and data into network experience*. Telemach Slovenija is awarded one of the best for 5G Video Experience and stood out as the best performing Slovenian operator, winning multiple Global awards, including two Global Leader awards, in the categories 5G Download Speed and 5G Games Experience.

One of Slovenia’s leading telecom companies can now proudly point to a new international accomplishment, this time when it comes to 5G – network technology of the present and the future. According to data gathered by Opensignal last year, Telemach’s subscribers enjoy one of the top 5G video experiences in the world. The results reflect a combination of data on picture quality, stall rate and loading time as well as real-world user experience.

“We are incredibly proud that Telemach is setting new standards when it comes to 5G in Slovenia. After being the first to demonstrate a test 5G network almost exactly three years ago, we were also the first to make it commercially available. This milestone was followed by winning recognition as the nation’s fastest 5G network and now Opensignal have awarded us a top spot globally, which is a big step for us. All of this demonstrates that we are successfully implementing a strategy of ongoing investment in cutting-edge knowledge and technology. Our goal is clear: we want to provide our users with world-class, state-of-the-art services to ensure that their user experience continues to be the best,” says Adrian Ježina, Chairman of the Board, Telemach Slovenija.

Telemach’s 5G network also ranks as a Global Leader when it comes to 5G Gaming Experience, and was also ranked as a Global Leader for 5G Download Speed, where the focus was on measuring typical everyday speeds experienced by users using the operator’s mobile data networks.

* Opensignal Awards – 5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2022, based on independent analysis of mobile measurements recorded during the period January 1 – June 29, 2022 © 2023 Opensignal Limited.

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