The Need for Speed: The growth of 100G optical fiber

The demand for high bandwidth applications at both the consumer and enterprise level is going through a period of explosive growth; a period that is not expected to end any time soon. Consider a handful of statistics from Cisco’s VNI forecast: Global IP traffic increased eightfold in the last five years and will multiply by a factor of three over the next five. In 2016 global IP networks will deliver 12.5 petabytes of data every five minutes. By the same year there will be three connected devices per capita. As with the deployment of any new technology there are a number of elements that operators need to balance; chief among them cost and performance.

In October 2012, Intelligence surveyed more than 290 industry players worldwide—including more than 120 network operators, as well as regulators, content providers and software developers—in order to capture the industry’s views on this vital technological development.

This report reveals the results of this survey including an overview of the market in 2012, 100G motivators and price Vs performance.

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