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The Power of Location in Networks Without Borders

As borders come down, operators not only gain (and need) visibility, they also gain (and need) flexibility.  In a virtualized network they get to choose what goes where. Which function should be kept in a centralized location or in the cloud? Which ones should be moved instead towards the edge? And where is the suitable edge- the cell site, the basement of an enterprise, the central office, or the metropolitan data center? How distributed should the network be? And how should different traffic flows, services, and content be managed within such distributed networks?  Which bits should be transmitted first? In the age of 5G, networks become dynamic, agile, and self-optimizing and performance increasingly depends on real-time resource allocation and network topology-which in a virtual network, translates to the location of function.

Download these Industry Insights to learn:

  • Why the Power of Location is important in 5G Networks?
  • Why location does not only impact performance
  • The two sets of questions to ask as network operators plan to deploy edge computing

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