The Rise of Dynamic Malware: Using Data Science to Prevent Cyberthreats

In the past year, cybercrime has skyrocketed as malware authors continue to gain sophistication. From the front lines of the cybercrime war comes a new white paper that shares analysis from Domain Name System (DNS) data inspections to shed new light on methods to reduce cybercrime.

A surge in new devices—including IoT—has spurred malware threats. Social engineering, or tricking users into activating an exploit, is increasingly prevalent. Because most cybercriminals rely on the DNS for their exploits, its data offers a unique perspective on their exploits.

Read the white paper to:

  • Learn about the shifting cyberthreat landscape.
  • Understand how data science is being applied to massive volumes of data so that anomalies can be detected.
  • See charts that expose cybercriminal patterns such as new domain name entries and long domain names.

Click here to read this whitepaper.

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