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The Role of C-Band in 5G

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The C-band (or midband) is considered the “waterfront property” of RF spectrum for 5G. It offers the best compromise between RF coverage and RF bandwidth and Providers are investing heavily on C-band 5G deployment to deliver the coverage and capacity that 5G use cases need.

While C-band is the best RF spectrum for 5G deployments, Providers will need to implement a new level of attention in terms of planning, deployment, and maintenance including:

  • Ensuring spectrum is cleared and there are no interference issues between the new 5G services and the satellite earth stations
  • Performing antenna alignment in a much narrower RF footprint
  • Meeting stringent timing and synchronization requirements for TDD deployments
  • Maintaining 5G Advanced Antenna System (AAS) with higher-order MIMO and beams

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