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Unified Network Automation for a Digital World

Moving to 5G service delivery is going to require a fully automated network infrastructure – something CSPs have been slow to transform to. This white paper addresses the technological challenges CSPs are facing when transforming to enable agile solutions like SDN and NFV, and reviews open source-based tools that accelerate the transformation without the fear of vendor lock-in.

Software-Defined Core (SD-Core) is a next-generation network architecture that returns network control to the Service Providers and enables future-proof service agility. Providing end-to- end network visibility, SD-Core unifies network control to revolutionize network capabilities across access, edges, data center, and the core. By merging legacy, cloud and programmable resources, SD-Core removes network silos to improve efficiencies and flexibility.

What you’ll learn from this white paper:

  • Transformation challenges which need to be addressed, and which challenges can be avoided
  • Standards-based architectures which will accelerate transformation initiatives
  • Use cases addressed by open source solutions
  • Benefits to an SD-Core architecture

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