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Unlocking the potential of in-building wireless service

The need for in-building wireless connectivity is increasingly a strategic requirement for enterprise communications and business applications. These are already in heavy use due to the advent of smartphones and LTE, and they will become even more critical with 5G.

Operators, however, do not have the resources to “light up” every major commercial building. Neutral hosts have the expertise and business model flexibility to play a critical role in broadening the reach of in-building wireless services. We are already seeing this model emerge in Europe.

To be truly successful, neutral hosts need technology platforms that deliver excellent LTE performance, provide an economical upgrade path to 5G, and allow the flexibility to support multiple stakeholders and business models.

CommScope is committed to serving and expanding the in-building wireless market, in partnership with neutral hosts and mobile operators. Our OneCell C-RAN small cell system and DMS management system are designed specifically to meet the needs of multioperator, neutral hosted deployments. Together, we are making the in-building wireless future possible.

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