Use your Brain: Making the most of network capacity

It is commonly observed that human beings do not use the full capacity of their brains. If this is true then it is deeply frustrating, because we don’t know how to access the untapped reserves.

The mobile network is the brain that controls the cellular services that we all enjoy and, in this industry, we are forever discussing its ‘capacity’. Mostly we talk about how fast this capacity is dwindling or about how urgently it needs to be increased—at significant expense.

This white paper – produced by and sponsored by Kapsch – argues that many mobile operators are not using the whole of their network capacity, often because they don’t have the time or aren’t being given the right advice—or simply because don’t yet know how. But the knowledge exists and, when applied, it can deliver valuable improvements and efficiencies.

Operators will always have to buy more capacity at some point. But unless they gain access to their existing, untapped resources and are able to see the performance of their entire network, from one end to the other, they will never be able to take advantage of its full potential.

Furthermore, without fully understanding existing resources, operators run the risk that future capex investments will not reap the expected benefits—or may not even actually be necessary.

Click here to read this whitepaper.

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