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Virtualizing the Cable Headend

As service providers continue to evolve their networks to support the ever-growing demand for content, and as video delivery shifts from broadcast technologies (QAM) to IP, solutions are needed for flexible and adaptable network deployments. Distributed access architecture (DAA) is the next step in a 20+ year evolution. In this white paper you will learn more about DAA and how virtual headend solution with unique 3D scaling architecture, performance and reliability can help operators make smart decisions and build a future-ready network – fast – while managing costs and investments.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

• Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) for HFC and for PON and alternatives ways to virtualization
• Virtualizing the Cable Headend (data plane, video plane and management plane)
– The virtual CMTS Core – vCore
– The virtual video engine – Video Unified Edge (VUE)
– The virtual cable access orchestrator that facilitates deployment, configuration and management – vManager
• The key parameters for selecting the right virtualized solution and role of professional services

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